NASCAR Xfinity Series Live 2023

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NASCAR Xfinity Series Live 2023

Watch NASCAR Xfinity Series Live 2023


The NASCAR Xfinity Series is a second-tier stock car racing tournament of NASCAR. The Xfinity Series takes place a day earlier than the NASCAR Cup Series.
There are minor differences between the NASCAR Xfinity Series and the Cup Series; the basic principles of both events are almost identical. The NASCAR Xfinity series serves as a step of a ladder for the NASCAR drivers to reach the top tier of NASCAR, the NASCAR Cup series.


The inaugural season of the NASCAR Xfinity series occurred in 1982 and was named the Late Model Sportsman Series by its sponsor Budweiser. The series is currently known as NASCAR Xfinity Series, sponsored by Xfinity, an American telecommunications company.


What is NASCAR Xfinity Series?
The Xfinity series uses the same playoff format as the NASCAR Cup Series with slight differences. Unlike the 16 drivers in the Cup series, the Xfinity Series consists of 12 drivers and a three-round format, which operates on the same points system as the cup series.
The Xfinity series uses cars with a slightly smaller wheelbase than the cars used in the Cup series, and they are also lighter in weight than cars used in the Cup series. However, the Xfinity race is performed on the same track as the cup series.


When is the next NASCAR Xfinity Series?
The upcoming 42nd edition of the NASCAR Xfinity Series will start on February 18, 2023, and will end on November 04, 2023.